Meet Our Team

Individually and as a team, we strive to develop capacity toward regenerative practices and an economy of life!

Our Team

Sidney Cano, TREC LATAM Strategic Partner and Founder
CIO, Duit Corporation, Mexico City, Mexico

Sidney Cano has been working on Transformative Investment for several years now. As CIO of DUIT (a business enterprise she co-founded alongside with her father and a few more business partners in Mexico), she is promoting new ways of investing in businesses with the potential of shifting the way economics work, aspiring to lead a big change towards what she calls an ´Economy for Life.´

Beatrice Ungard, Ph.D., TREC USA Strategic Partner and Instructor
Principal, Soma Integral Consulting, Los Angeles, USA

Beatrice works at the intersection of organizational development and place regeneration. She builds on 20+ years of business experience working in the fields of strategy development, systems change, and leadership development. She assists organizations in developing their capacity and capabilities to increase their regenerative effects on social, ecological, and economic systems. She is a faculty member for The Regenerative Practitioner series offered by Regenesis Institute.

Ben Haggard, TREC Strategic Partner and Advisor
Principal and Co-Founder, Regenesis Group, New Mexico, USA

Ben specializes in a holistic, systems-based approach to understanding and building upon the complex human, natural, and economic relationships that create and sustain the vitality and viability of a place. His approach integrates ecological and living-systems thinking with large-scale development. He currently focuses on developing processes that coalesce diverse stakeholders around unifying, higher-order aims. He is also a faculty member for The Regenerative Practitioner series offered by Regenesis Institute.

About Resources

Resources are members of Carol Sanford’s Change Agent Development (CAD) Community—a group that embraces a living systems approach and draws on the idea that humans have a role to play in becoming intentional about evolving themselves as well as supporting the evolution of social and ecological systems. Resources are dedicated to their own growth and development in their personal and professional lives. They have joined TREC to pursue their own learning while supporting TREC participants’ development journey.